Mantrone Marmi e Graniti S.r.l.

Mantrone Marmi e Graniti Srl


Marble and granites processing in Ginosa

Mantrone Marmi e Graniti Srl in Ginosa is a real proof of the combination between tradition and innovation. With more than thirty years of experience on their back, in the processing of marble, granites and lots of others precious rocks. This iconic enterprise is founded like any other family run business.

Within the years all staff members already experts have been adapted to the technological changings but with e substantial difference; their cultural working background allowed them to preserve the ancient stone manufacturing techniques by giving a touch of originality to every single of their stone processing. Without never staying behind and keeping always an eye towards the future, the Mantrone Marmi e Graniti Srl may be considered an enterprise with a great future.

Availing of first quality products and materials, having a lot of experience and continuously embracing the design updates as well as the new machinery ones, all of this makes Mantrone Marmi e Graniti Srl a referent point all over Puglia. They are always careful since the beginning of the work, processing the set up regarding even the smallest of details and of course take care of the maintenance as well. Because Mantrone can make your dreams come true; floors, bathrooms, handmade carvings, internal and external coatings, tables and counters and all other home décor furnishings. Every single phase of processing is trusted on our staff expert hands.